Funny Shit and Super Powers



how did steve and nat walk around that mall with just a hoodie and not get recognized i mean if i was in that mall i would have been like “do you smell that? i smell freedom. i smell steve rogers”

[eagle screeches in the background]


omfg her face



so im shopping for make up for the girlfriend bc valentines day and holy fuck how do you girls afford this shit

$80 for eye shadow???

is it made out of unicorn shit

what is naked 3

why is it called naked

will it make her look naked

why is it $50

that’s 50 cheese burgers

i can’t deal with make up good bye

Naked 3 is an eye shadow pallete consisting of mainly nuetral skin tones like bronzes, creams, peaches, exc. It is supposed to give a smokey eye look that makes men essentailly go mad when they look into or at their womans eyes.

Also the prices can range in such variations based on what the product is or isnt made of. Some are made without parabins and dont test on animals so to make sure its safe for eye wear, more extensive and costly testing are performed. Also, some caompanies have better color pay offs which means the color of the eye shadow inside the pallet wont fade or change once applied to the area of skin it is going on to.

I dont know if i should be ashamed of knowing all this or not, but fact is, ive walked around sephoras and ultas for the past 2 years with my girlfriend and actually pay attention and listen. So when Naked 4 comes out from Urban Decay, which it will, Im gonna be the one who knows what the fuck hes doing and as result will get my girlfriend naked.





So fucking powerful.


when someone tries to argue with me on a subject i know more aboutimage





Green ranger’s been watching Lucha Libre, I see.

Yo, that’s hella dope.

so clean, rey mysterio 1995/6 clean

This is back when the Power Rangers had some sick fight scenes.

To any and all of my followers. In case you did not know, I am an aspiring comic book artist so I thought I’d throw ya’ll some of my work!!!

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